I design educational games and video games about the LGBTQ community.


ARRiBot Game Design

I'm the Lead Artist and Graphic Designer for ARRiBot Game Design, a game design company that develops educational board games to teach STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) curricula to students at an 8th grade level. Board game topics include Mars and the Mars Rover, the physics of sound waves, and preparing for environmental issues like hurricanes and other natural disasters.

As Lead Artist and Graphic Designer, I designed and manage the company website at www.arrigames.com and design marketing materials, icons, maps, game boards, game boxes, and game cards using Adobe Creative Suite.


Destructive Interference

Destructive Interference is a competitive bidding game designed to be incorporated into science curricula on wave behavior.

D-I Game Board - Web - With CArds.jpg
D-I Game Board - Web - Empty.jpg
D-I Wave Cards RGB - Front 2 - Screaming.png
D-I Wave Cards  - Tsunami.png
D-I Modifier Cards - Undersea Earthquake11.png
D-I Modifier Cards RGB - Diamond Front.png
D-I Power Cards RGB - Back Power Level 3.png
D-I Modifier Cards - Wood.png
D-I Modifier Cards - Aluminum.png
D-I Wave Cards  - Plexiglass.png

Project Stormfury

Take on the role of disaster management specialists in Project Stormfury, an educational board game that simulates an incoming hurricane.

Hurricane Board Game Design v2.jpg
Hurricane Cardbacks v1 With Words1.png
Hurricane Cardbacks v1 With Words2.png
Hurricane Cardbacks v1 With Words3.png
Hurricane Cardbacks v1 With Words4.png
 A digital mock-up of  Project Stormfury  in action. The final game itself will be physical, and printed.

A digital mock-up of Project Stormfury in action. The final game itself will be physical, and printed.


Quest for Mars

In Quest for Mars, act as a team of scientists controlling a rover on the Martian surface, interpreting incoming data to determine the most likely hypothesis for the existence of life.

Quest for Mars Transparent.png
Mars Rover HUD Rock Background Smaller.jpg

The Doctor Will See You Now

I am the project lead and graphic designer for the video game The Doctor Will See You Now, a video game about being queer, non-binary, and trans in the American healthcare system. The Doctor Will See You Now examines feelings of belonging and estrangement, comfort and discomfort, and invisibility and hypervisibility , and how these experiences of disempowerment in the healthcare system can be intersectional across race, gender, sexuality, class, nationality, citizenship and age. 

The Doctor Will See You Now was generously supported by a two-year research fellowship from the University of Chicago’s Game Changer Design Lab, and it was showcased at the Different Games Conference at NYU. I was also invited to speak about TDWSYN on a panel titled "Chicago Made Video Games as New Media Art" at the Adler Planetarium's Adler After Dark Series.

The game is implemented in Unity, and I designed graphics and animations with the Adobe Creative Suite and Spriter.


Flora Finder 1.0

Flora Finder 1.0 is a video game about exploring outer space in search of plant specimens. The game was implemented in Adobe Animate and designed using the Adobe Creative Suite.