Whitney Pow

I am passionate about teaching and mentorship.


Teaching & TA-ing


I have four years of experience teaching and TA-ing college media studies classes, including courses on film, television, digital media, video games, and graphic novels and comics. Some of the courses I have taught and TA'd at Northwestern University include:

  • Film, Media & Gender: Video Games, Gender, and Sexuality

  • Technological Innovations - Digital Cinema

  • Cultural History of American Television

  • History of International Film

  • Graphic Novels

  • Analyzing Media Texts (Film Analysis)

  • Media Contexts (Cultural Theory)

Guest Lectures

I have given guest lectures in college classes at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Columbia College Chicago, and Northwestern University on the following topics:

  • History, Failure, and Fragmentation in Video Games

  • The History of Queer and Trans Video Games and Glitch Art

  • Queer of Color Game Design and Game Studies

  • Race, Identity, and Digital Media

  • Queer and Trans Video Games and the Queer Games Movement

  • The History of Queer and Trans Television in America

  • Gender Identity and Queer Asian-American Representation in the Graphic Novel Shortcomings by Adrian Tomine

  • Trans Representation and Technological Mobility in the film Tangerine (which was shot entirely using iPhones)

  • The French Impressionist Film Movement, Focusing on Experimental Films like Ballet Mechanique

I have experience doing editorial work for academic and popular publications.



Academic Editorial Experience

I have been invited to serve as a peer reviewer and editorial board member for five academic journals: 

Non-Academic Editorial Experience

I spent four years as a Contributing Editor and Writer for Autostraddle.com, which is "world’s most popular lesbian website, with over one million unique visitors and 3.5 million views per month." It is a trans- and non-binary-friendly website and the 2015 GLAAD Award Winner for Outstanding Website.

As a contributing editor and writer, I regularly wrote editorials, interviews, personal essays, and think-pieces for Autostraddle and participated in editorial and staff writer meetings and with the senior editors.