Whitney Pow

It's important to me to participate in academic and public communities.


Selected Leadership & Outreach

Video Game Studies Scholarly Interest Group aT SCMS

I currently serve as the Graduate Student Representative for the Video Game Studies Scholarly Interest Group (VGSSIG) at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies. I was elected by professors and graduate students to serve a two-year term with VGSSIG's Organizing Committee. I have implemented the following while in office:

  • I designed and manage an official website for the Video Game Studies Scholarly Interest Group, which can be viewed at www.vgssig.com

  • Helped to manage the VGSSIG Mentorship Program, which connects senior video game studies scholars with junior scholars for mentorship, advice, pedagogy and support

  • Organized and planned the VGSSIG annual meeting, including roundtables and workshops on video game studies scholarship and pedagogy

Northwestern University’s Queer Pride Graduate Student Association

I am a board member and the Web and Design Chair for Northwestern University’s Queer Pride Graduate Student Association (QPGSA). As a member of the board, I participate in board discussions and decisions about events, outreach and academic conferences that the QPGSA organizes each year. Some of the things I hope to accomplish as a member of the board:

  • Create new logos and branding for the QPGSA across all university correspondence, including newsletters, event invites, informational flyers, name badges, and other promotional materials. The redesigned logos can be viewed here.

  • Design a new website for the QPGSA meant to make resources and information accessible to LGBTQ+ graduate students at Northwestern, like campus-based and Chicago-based LGBTQ health resources, current and previous conference information for QPGSA’s Queertopia Conference, and information about current events and outreach. This website will be released later this year.

  • Help to organize the QPGSA’s annual queer academic conference, Queertopia.

Autostraddle Camp (A-Camp)

I have served as a Conference and Workshop Organizer and Staff Member at Autostraddle Camp (A-Camp) since 2012, for five camps. A-Camp is a yearly, week-long conference organized by Autostraddle that focuses on outreach toward queer women, especially queer women of color, gender non-conforming and non-binary people, and queer transwomen and queer transwomen of color. Events organized for A-Camp include:

  • Video Game and Queerness Panel titled "8 Bits, Boss Keys and Belonging: Gaming, Identity, and Queer Community"

  • Panels on Gender Identity and Gender Presentation titled "Gender Spectrum" and "Gender Identity"

  • Events for queer people of color called "QPOC Speakeasy"

  • A roundtable titled "Queer People of Color"

  • Panels about queer families and issues of estrangement and belonging titled "Chosen Family" and "Queer Families"

  • Workshops on queer geekery titled "Nerdcraft" and "Queer Nerd Culture"

  • And panels on topics including coming out, body image, queer faith, and queer poetry