I have over 10 years of experience designing print, web, and promotional materials.


Literary Death Match

I am the Lead In-House Graphic Designer for Literary Death Match, an international reading series that involves four celebrity judges and three well-known writers. Previous participants include Lena Waithe, Kumail Nanjiani, Michael Shannon, Martin Starr, Tig Notaro, Michael C. Hall, Natasha Lyonne, and Sherman Alexie. Responsibilities include designing all printed and digital promotional materials for LDM, including online graphics, posters, flyers and Instagram and Twitter materials.  


Promotional Flyer and Poster Design

307 LDM Los Angeles, Ep 45, September 15 — Kumail Nanjiani v3.jpg
353 LDM Twin Cities, Ep 13, May 16 — Jana Shortal v3.jpg
080 LDM San Francisco 2-24-12 v8.jpg
091 LDM London 03-08-2012 v7.jpg
076 LDM SF 1-13-12 v7.jpg
032 LDM Miami v2.jpg

Bookmark Design

Left is the bookmark for Literary Death Match's annual 250-Word Bookmark Contest, judged by Roxane Gay
Right is a promotional bookmark for Adrian Todd Zuniga's debut novel, Collision Theory.

2018 LDM Bookmark Contest Bookmark v1.jpg
2018 LDM Bookmark Contest Bookmark v12.jpg
ATZ Collision Theory Bookmark v12 with Bleed - Side 1.jpg
ATZ Collision Theory Bookmark v12 with Bleed - Side 2.jpg

Promotional Sticker Design

Sticker 2.PNG
Sticker 1.PNG

I also code and design animations and interactive art.


Gifs, Animations and Code

These graphics and animations were made and coded using JavaScript or ActionScript in Adobe Animate.


Gifs and Animation

Week 3 - Site Specific Art Background Final v1.gif

Images Coded in Processing with JavaScript