Whitney Pow

I design video games about the LGBTQ+ community.


Digital TV Breakfast

I am the sole designer and artist of a video game titled Digital TV Breakfast, which is a commissioned art piece tied in with the Chicago art exhibition, Chicago New Media 1972-1992. The exhibition is curated by Jon Cates, a professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and organized by the Video Game Art Gallery and the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Gallery 400. The game itself was made in Unity.

I created Digital TV Breakfast in response to game designer Jamie Faye Fenton’s foundational 1978 glitch art piece titled Digital TV Dinner, made with Raul Zaritsky and Dick Ainsworth. The original artwork was made using a home video game console, the Bally Astrocade, which creates a beautiful display of glitch images upon “banging it with your fist.” In Digital TV Breakfast, I consider the ways that this art piece re-focuses the history of digital glitch and new media art in everyday, home spaces and their intersections with histories of transgender media and game design.

Digital TV Breakfast will be exhibited in the international new media art festival, Ars Electronica 2019 in Linz, Austria as a part of the art exhibition Chicago New Media 1972-1992.

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The Doctor Will See You Now

I am the Project Lead and Lead Artist for The Doctor Will See You Now, a video game about being queer, non-binary, and trans in the American healthcare system. The Doctor Will See You Now examines feelings of belonging and estrangement, comfort and discomfort, and invisibility and hypervisibility , and how these experiences of disempowerment in the healthcare system can be intersectional across race, gender, sexuality, class, nationality, citizenship and age. 

The Doctor Will See You Now was generously supported by a two-year research fellowship from the University of Chicago’s Game Changer Design Lab, and it was showcased at the Different Games Conference at New York University. I was also invited to speak about TDWSYN on a panel titled "Chicago Made Video Games as New Media Art" at the Adler Planetarium's Adler After Dark Series.

The game is implemented in Unity, and I designed graphics and animations with the Adobe Creative Suite and Spriter.

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Flora Finder 1.0

I am the sole artist and designer of the video game, Flora Finder 1.0. The game was implemented in Adobe Animate and designed using the Adobe Creative Suite. 

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